Ribbon Making 101

This is how itís done...
Although the majority of the process is done by hand, a high speed ribbon printing system will automatically pull, measure, imprint, and cut to length the completed streamer. A completed ribbon usually consists of 3 streamers (although some have just 1 or 2) of equal lengths which are affixed to a circular card and finally attached to a rosette.

Imprinting - Hot Stamping:
A metal a die is placed in a die holder in the ribbon printing system and heated to approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon reaching the appropriate temperature, the ribbon printing system presses the heated die against a metalized foil. The raised areas of the design on the die are permanently transferred onto the ribbon surface.

Rosettes:   Rosettes are fabricated by taking ribbon and running it through an industrial sewing machine, called a pleater. The pleated ribbon is then cut to a specific length and then affixed to a circular card. This circular card has a hole in the center to insert the fabric covered, metal button which is imprinted with a generic or custom logo. Once the metal button is inserted through the hole in the circular card, a 'bridle hook' is attached to the back of the card by the button prongs. The completed rosette is then attached to the streamers which are already affixed to another circular card.


The completed ribbons are then hand packed into plastic bags for shipping. Each bag contains 5 ribbons of the same color or type. The bagged ribbons are then placed in a cardboard box for shipping purposes. Once the ribbons are removed from the bags, the streamers will straighten right out. Should it be necessary, you may iron out a wrinkle using an iron on a low setting by ironing the backside of the streamer.
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